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panel expand or collapseWelcome to Grade Three!
T.E.A.M = Success in Third Grade!

Third Grade is a huge change for children as they are now starting in the intermediate grades.  Students will become stronger readers and writers through the application of various strategies.  They will also become increasingly adept at problem-solving in mathematics, continue to explore and investigate in Science, and learn about U.S. Government, Regions, and cultures.  In addition, students will develop fundamental work and study habits and continue to demonstrate appropriate social behavior.

Meet our excellent team of Third Grade educators:

Language Arts & Social Studies
Mathematics, Science & Social Studies
Jennie Osborne
Elizabeth Sierra
Bonnie Smith
Janet Jasczak
Stacey Jones
Brandon Smith

Important Information
To ensure the safety of each individual, our school policy DOES NOT allow students to bring in food items to celebrate birthdays (students with allergies). Instead, you may send a non-food item in with your child to share with their classmates. Such items may include pencils, stickers, erasers, or other trinkets. Please make sure to have an item for every student in your child’s homeroom.  You may also want to consider celebrating your child’s birthday by placing an announcement on the marquee for $5.00, which supports the PTA.

Invitations for birthday parties will not be passed out in school unless there is an invitation for each child. We do not want anyone to feel left out for not receiving an invitation.  If your child wishes to invite friends from his/her class it will be your responsibility to deliver invitations outside of school.

Lunch Visitor Policy
If you would like to enjoy lunch with your child at school you will need to first sign in at the front office. Teachers and lunch staff must know the whereabouts of all students at all times during the lunch block.

Therefore, only YOUR CHILD may accompany you to the picnic tables or any other area outside of the cafeteria. To ensure the safety of each student, please refrain from having them running around in the grass area so as not to disturb other classes at work.  Thank you for your help in this matter.

Field Trips and Volunteers
Third graders will go on two field trips this year. A volunteer form must be filled out and cleared by the front office staff prior to the date of the field trip. If you are interested in joining us on a field trip or volunteering on campus this year, please make sure to stop by the front office to complete the volunteer form at your earliest convenience. Your child’s teacher will notify any interested individuals if they are permitted to attend the field trip based on available space.

Furthermore, students are NOT permitted to purchase food or other items during field trips. This rule is in place to protect all students’ safety and health, and also ensures fairness to all. We ask that chaperones adhere to this rule as well.

Thank you in advance for your support. We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!

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